This is why I no longer answer my phone unless I know who is calling. Five calls today. Five telemarketers. Five messages. Since blooming when do they start leaving you messages? I do NOT want to talk to you. Don’t talk to my voice mail! I am not interested in a new mortgage. I am not interested in satelite tv as I have it already. I am not interested in credit cards. I am not interested in your expensive home grocer. I am not interested in your scam of the century vacation. What am I interested in? Peace and quiet!

No one calls me. So chances are if my phone rings, it is a telemarketer. Thank goodness for caller ID! “Unavailable? Well so am I!”

Haha, there’s been some survey group that wants to talk to the man of the house about his TV viewing habits. I’ve answered them because they’ve called so much. I told them Sir Megabyte does not watch TV. Yet they continue to call. I told them he works sometimes 12 hours a day. Yet they call. I’ve told them not to call back because he won’t be able to do this survey. Still calling. How hard is this to understand? DO NOT CALL!

OK, telemarketing companies are evil. If you work for them 1) Do NOT call me any more and 2) Get a new freaking job! Really, McDonald’s has to be better. At least then you will be bringing smiles to people instead of just ticking them off!