Well we did it. We went and signed up for the Y. I also got the kids into swim lessons. Fun fun! They are so excited! This summer I’m also going to get them into softball at the Y as well. Most of the sports though, Caramon can’t do. With only having one kidney that means no contact sports for him. Poor boy. He’s such a boy too. Though I did hear that the Tae Kwan Do at the Y doesn’t do sparring so maybe he could take some TKD classes there as well? I dunno. We’ll see. I can’t afford for them to do more than one thing at a time though so I guess we’ll just do swimming and summer softball for now. Maybe basketball this winter? Any thoughts?

I’m excited to have the pool membership. Now we can go swimming! And of course I have access to aerobics which I love. I wish they didn’t make you pay for Yoga though. I may spring for it, I dunno. I need to get back into shape. I have been feeling it when we go for our walks and when I ride my bike… winter has destroyed my muscle tone! I used to bike all the time and now I can barely make it around my neighbourhood.

I’d do more at the Y if I had a buddy and if both kids were in school. They don’t do day care during the afternoon so I can’t go except in the morning and the evenings. And techinically in the morning I shouldn’t be able to go because Caramon is six. Dang his late birthday and the half day kindergarten! HAHA But I asked and they said that he could still go to the nursery in the morning because of that, even though he’s really too old. I do wish I had a buddy though. It is always more fun when you have someone to go with. Maybe I’ll make some friends there. I could use a real life friend or two!

I’m very excited about spring and the chance to do stuff as a family. We have our zoo membership so we can go to the zoo when we want and we now have the Y. Plus of course there is just bikes and the tennis courts next to our house and stuff. Winter dulls need to go away! Time for spring and getting active!