I’ve been reading this week. What did I read? Well I reread three books because hubby just read them and I wanted to talk about them with him. But I hadn’t read them in almost ten years! Anne McCaffrey’s Planet Pirate trilogy. Death of Sleep, Sassinak, and Generation Warriors. Then I read the two Artemis Fowl books. That has been my last week. Yes I read all five in a week. I’m not sure what I’m going to start now.

I had told myself I had to read ten books I own before I was able to go to the bookstore again. Well not counting the three I’ve reread I’m up to six. Here’s the thing, the new Left Behind book comes out on the 8th and I want it to read it next week. So I have to read four books by the 8th or break my pact. Argh. The reason I did this though was because I kept buying books but with the holidays I wasn’t reading them as fast as I was buying them. Also remember how much I check out from the library. (I read two other books last week that I had checked out from the library for example.) So since I was buying so many books and not getting them read I decided I needed to dig through some books that I had here to read before going to the bookstore for a book and finding four or five to buy… hehe. Bookstores are evil that way. You go in for one and you come out with four or five! I’m such a book addict!

BTW I highly recommend the Fowl books. I got them from the school book faire last fall. They are cool though. Enjoyable read. Good to know there are still good kids books being written! (Aside from Harry Potter.) Speaking of the book faire, it is next week and I need to call to see if someone can watch Joram so I can go volunteer again.