OK, I just wanted to review this book for you guys. It was so good. I really enjoyed it! I can’t wait to go to my book club this week and discuss it! And watch the movie of course. But shhh, don’t tell them. I cheated and watched the movie on Showtime on Friday because the book had me just itching to watch the movie! I love this movie. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times. I think I’m going to break down and watch the DVD.

Anyway, the book is excellent. Funny, creative, and entertaining. It moves quickly and you try to read it slow just to enjoy it all! Now there were differances in the book from the movie. For one, Elle goes to Stanford in the book as opposed to Harvard in the movie. But she is still persecuted for being a cute, fashionable blonde! In the book she was a jewelry design major of some sort, not a fashion major. And in the book there is no love interest for her, other than the ex-boyfriend that she follows after he dumps her for someone more “serious”. She does get an internship but the main lawyer does not hit on her. And the case that she works on is pretty close to the same as in the movie. Just a few minor changes in things here and there. I think most of what was changed from the book for the movie was in the interest of time frame as well as amount of characters. I will tell you, I like the manicurist in the movie much more!

I highly recommend this book for something fun and entertaining. And I will be going off in search of The Perm, Elle Woods’s next adventure! The preview in the back of my book sounded very interesting!

I’m now halfway through another book. Mercedes Lackey’s latest Valdemar book, Exile’s Honour. So far it is good. About the Karsite weaponsmaster. She is coming out with a sequel to it but I do not think it is out as of yet. Be warned, if you are interested in the Valdemar books, there’s something like 20 or 25. Start reading at your own risk! 🙂