Well it stunk. We were all sick to varrying degrees. What kind of messed up plan was that? *SIGH* So much for doing anything I had wanted to do! Caramon was coughing, Joram threw up, I was nauseated, and Sir Megabyte was very fevered, weak, and trembly as well as achey. I hop e he can go to work tomorrow.

So Sir Megabyte had a wonderful three day weekend and he spent the majority of it in bed. Poor guy. We took turns hanging on the couch to be with the boys. We watched some movies. We were listless. That’s about it.

The highlight of our day today was when the missionaries stopped by. The Sisters were worried about us since they hadn’t seen us at Church. Sweet girls. We were like “Don’t come past the door!” They gave the boys each a plastic egg filled with M&Ms. Wasn’t that nice? They stayed for about five minutes and then we shooed them off lest they get one of the plague of illnesses running rampant through our house this weekend. Definately don’t want to be the reason they can’t get out and do the Lord’s work!

We did talk to our kids about the meaning of easter. Our kids decided it would be fun this year if THEY told US the easter story. How cute! They had so much fun!

The Easter Bunny left them each a small basket with a couple of candy items and a toy. They played with the toys while Sir Megabyte and I just moaned on the couch about how miserable we were feeling!

Well, perhaps next Easter we can do some of the fun things around town.