So my kids need new shoes. Their tennis shoes are from the fall AND Caramon uses his feet to break so he has no toes in his shoes anymore. Seriously, I can afford shoes, but it doesn’t look like it! So it is finally to a point where I think maybe I can go buy them their summer sandals without worrying about cold weather.

So this morning I decide to do it. Yay! But I decide to make it a surprise. They’ve been asking for sandals for about a week. So I tell them to hurry and clean their room because I want to take them somewhere for a surprise.

The whole way there they are trying to guess where we are going. They can’t guess. We finally get to PayLess (Like five minutes from my house) and get this. IT BURNED DOWN!!! No kidding. THE SHOE STORE burned down. What the bannanas???? This is so unfair. I never go shopping. (This week has been freaky, been shopping three days in a row now!)

So we go to Target. Thank goodness it is still there! YAY! The kids talk me into Spiderman sandals for Joram, Power Rangers (blech) for Caramon, a Kids Bop 2 CD, and a pack for each of Yu Gi Oh cards. Here’s a hint. That Kids Bop CD? Just say no. Burn your own. They take really cool songs, get crappy artists to sing and throw in here and there kids singing along.

So we come home and we bake cookies. Always a winner activity here! The kids love it! YUMMY!

Tonight Sir Megabyte calls me up and says “Hey while kids are in Adventure Zone, how about we grab some dinner together?” I’m all about that. I thought he was going to have to work late tonight! This is great! WOOHOO So we decide to meet at Red Robin. I get there. Get this. IT IS CLOSED DOWN!!! (Didn’t see signs of a fire!) I call hubby and tell him. I tell him about the shoe store this morning. He said “Well I don’t wanna go to any restaurants I like, I don’t want them to burn down!” But I’m all like “Hey, at least that would make sense! How did a SHOE STORE burn down? Those are some hot shoes!” *SNICKER*

Now I’m home. And relaxing. Trying to figure out why the Payless burned down. But other than that, fine! Oh well, I got to go Target! I forgot how nice Target was! When we were in Arizona we were always going to Target but I haven’t really been that much since then.

Oh I got crafty. I made three Mother’s Day cards, 1 Birth Mother’s Day card, 1 anniversary card, and 1 birthday card. I love stamping!