Hi there!

It’s been a week and I’ve been rather busy but I wanted to post a little and let you know how my birthday/Mother’s Day went.

First of all, our friend from Washington came to visit. Kib was in Ohio doing some work and came on up to visit us and spend the weekend here. Unfortunately the weekend was stormy so we couldn’t do much. And of course as happens when people from Washington visit…. it was muggy. Only those two days. The rest of May has been cool and rainy. HAHA

So we just mainly hung out. Kib helped me set up this moveable type thing so that I can more easily update you guys on our lives. So Kib is great. 🙂 He also helped me fix the parenting website. (Massive changes going on there. Hopefully it will be easy so that i can keep it up. I really enjoy doing it but it is so much work.)

For my birthday we really celebrated and stuff on Saturday. The kids gave me a wonderful card. In it was all these cute credit cards. They are good at the store of Caramon and Joram. HEHE I can get a nap and a relaxing bath and the tv. My favourite one is I can get their artwork! WOOHOO. I love shopping for Caramon and Joram art!

We had a wonderful Maggie Moo’s ice cream cake. Dark Chocolate ice cream. That’s my ultimate favourite ice cream from Maggie Moo’s.

Then it was present time. I got a whole lot because of course it was not only my birthday but Mother’s Day. This year they fell on the same day. I got a large Precious Moments poster. One of those velvet ones that you can colour. We decided that would be our summer “rainy day” project. I am so excited that I can do this with my boys. I also got a HUGE book on PHP as I’m trying to learn a new computer language. I’ve read the first three chapters. But I’ve put my reading on hold as I have to read my book club book and prepare for some more company this week! I got a lovely bouquet of flowers. They are on our kitchen table where I can see them from almost anywhere downstairs. There was a DVD and finally my favourite gift of all.

Apparently shopping Caramon decided I needed a new watch. I haven’t had a watch in over a year and a half. So they went and found a lovely gold watch. It is bracelet style so it is a little loose. The band is made of gold hearts. The hearts are so I can remember the love of my three men. I love it.

I had a wonderful birthday and mother’s day!