They are wrong. Are the tv writers so unsure that they will keep people that they feel they have to do this? Geeze I know before the end of the season if I will tune in the next year or not. Heck if I make it to the end of the season of a show, isn’t it within reason that I will tune in the next year? I mean, DUH! And then you get these shows that have been on several seasons. If I have hung true for six years like I am not going to return the next year? Get a grip!

Writers should trust their own talent and skills and the fans to tune in without giving us a cliffhanger to hang on over a whole bloody summer. Especially since I’ll forget half of the frelling episode by the end of June. Seriously. It is lame. I demand there be no more cliffhangers. They are weak, lame, and tired. I mean it has gotten to the point where you are like “Geeze, what is this year’s collection of cliffhangers going to be?”

Let’s see… we’ve got
Charmed: Who is Chris and what happened to Leo when that guy blew him up?
Alias: Where has Sydney been for two years and how on earth could Vaughn have married someone and not been searching the earth for Sydney? And how is it she has no recollection of the last two years?
7th Heaven: Was Lucy pregnant or not? How about Lou and Detective Micheals showing up on Eric’s doorstep? Did someone get hurt? Was it Simon since his character is not returning? Is he just seriously hurt and need to go somewhere to recover or is he dead? Was Sarah really pregnant and just not telling Matt to plan a surprise for him?
Everwood: What happened with Colin? Did he make it through brain surgery?
Gilmore Girls has yet to end, I may add in here if they lame cliffhanger.
Smallville has yet to end so same deal.
Judging Amy: (Haven’t seen it but I heard…) What happens to Gillian?
Friends: Ew ew ew ew ew my eyes have been fouled… but what’s up with Joey and Rachel kissing. EW EW EW EW EW (writers of Friends end that fast PUHLEASE)
Good Morning Miami ended ages ago but what is the deal… I just remember we had Jake and the girl going to see their “S.O.” and the “S.O.s” were kissing each other. Auck!
Will and Grace (which I don’t watch but left it on because nothing was on before ER): Does Grace really chase down her husband and if so does he indeed have an affair with the porn star looking other doctor?

Those are the only ones I can remember. But look at this. This is nuts. I mean, seriously. 35 more seconds people. Just answer some of these questions before you end for FOUR MONTHS! FOUR FOUR FOUR LONG LONG LONG MONTHS MONTHS MONTHS. So very EVIL and WRONG.

OK this rant has gone on long enough. I’m in a foul mood. GRRRR I have a strong feeling too that there will be a cliffhanger tonight on at least Smallville. GRRRR.