So sad that Buffy is over. It was a fun show. I was laughing my bumm off during the final chapter of Buffy. Excellent work. So great.

I’m sorry for Anya. I really liked her and am sad she is gone. And since there is no body due to the big gaping hole… i guess they can’t save her. *SIGH*

I do like how final the episode was. They wrapped up all possible loose ends while still leaving it open for fanfic, books, movies, specials, whatever. Great. I so loved it! And it was glad to know that at least one hour of TV this may wasn’t going to end in a bloody evil cliffhanger!

Now Spike. He was the true hero. Not Buffy. Not Faith. Not those Slayer-in-trainings turned into Slayers at the last moment (that’s a fun touch though). Spike. He sacrificed everything and saved Sunnydale and closed the hellmouth. Excellent. He finally felt the good of his soul he was given. The demon was burned away. And like a Phoenix going up in flames and then rising born anew from the ashes… we’ll see a new and hopefully better Spike this fall on Angel.