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Ok, I think today I’ll tell you first about some of the fun people that were at the con. We of course had someone dressed up as The Fourth Doctor. That was just great. 🙂 Wish I knew where my scarf was… I could have worn it. I meant to wear my Fire Lizard on Saturday but I was too tired to run to the basement to get her. (I have a Golden Queen.)

We had a whole huge troop of storm troopers. They were walking around with a boom box playing the Deathstar Theme from Star Wars. Now that’s what I’m talking about… walking around with your own dang theme music! WOOHOO! We also had five guys as the Ghostbusters. THey should have been playing the Ghostbuster song… haha Who you gonna call? We had a Star Trek group dressed up as the Grey Council from Babylon 5 and they were walking around the con in a line and they would randomly sing that latin song of the priests’ in Monty Python Search for the Holy Grail. You know “Do ne nab eh blah blah blah” thing? And they had made these books “Valen for Dummies” and they would hit themselves on the head with them! Too funny! My favourite was K’Elvis. K’Elvis is the original Klingon Elvis. And yes everybody he was WAY cool!

On of the panels I went to on Friday was actually with K’Elvis. He was running his very own talkshow. He had reality TV stars. He covered Survivor from the Klingon training planet and he had The Real World: Starfleet Academy. And his show was done to the tune of Jerry Springer with all the backbiting and sex surprises and of course FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Also, K’Elvis and his Klingon buddies had a huge metal cage set up. You could have them arrest and carry off your friends and foes and lock them up! Tormenting extra? Not sure… but they would even torture them! Hehehe… I walked by at one point and there were a few federation officers in jail. Too funny!

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There were other costumers running around but I just can’t list everyone! There would be too many! Should anyone actually read this, you guys were great! Way to go! I miss costuming. I am going to have to start work now on my costume for next year. This is the first time I’ve gone to a con without a costume (hall or masq entry), I didn’t gopher/work, and I didn’t stay in the hotel. But I had way lots of fun!

OK, since I told you about one Star Trek themed panel, I’ll tell you about the others I went to. I went to several done by Gene Roddenberry, Jr. (Rod) Rod is great. He’s got himself a bunch of new fans now. My kids love him, Stephanie is a fan, and I’m a fan. You rock Rod! And people, don’t you be blaming Star Trek dislikes on him, he’s had nothing to do with them! Take it up with PARAMOUNT! GRRRRR! He said he is actually ticked off at what the company did with Earth: Final Conflict and Andromeda. They have definately left the normal thoughts of a Gene Roddenberry production yet they splash his name all over it! Rod is working on a great documentary that he showed us a trailor for. All about what real Star Trek fans are like. How we are a rather large group and how we are quite normal people. He’s interviewing Trek fans like Vin Diesel, Al Gore, Heff, and etc. Also non-famous fans who have stories about how Star Trek inspired them. It looks great! I know I will go see it as soon as it is available! At the last session with him on Sunday he gave a bunch of Tribbles. I of course gave mine to the kids. They loved it! Rod was nice enough to let me take a picture with him and he even did a little movie capture on my cam to say hi to the boys. They were so excited! They couldn’t believe someone so awesome would give them a message! But Caramon loved watching his Star Trek in the hospital! And he still says he wants to be Captain of the Enterprise! HEHE

–Lady O

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