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There were a ton of Buffy panels at the convention that I went to. I enjoyed the morality in Buffyverse. We talked a lot about how love seems to redeem the characters and how we’ve seen all the characters cross the whole spectrum of good and evil. All that sort of stuff.

There was also a Buffy Family Feud. The audience got to go up and test their Buffy Trivia. This was probably the most fun. Testing your trivia knowledge but seeing what others thought. I still can’t believe Vamp Willow didn’t come up for anything! UGH! I can’t help it, Vamp Willow was FUN! 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to get up but that’s OK. I had a ton of fun sitting in the back and guessing stuff. Of course I’ve missed the better part of Season 2 and Season 3 so my trivia knowledge is really fuzzy there.

I went to a Christian fandom panel. That was a lot of fun too. I wonder why so many Christian people seem to think they can’t be fans. It is so unfortunate. They are missing good stuff!

I went to a Future of Farscape panel. Well apparently they come up with this before the cancelling of Farscape and didn’t bother to change the name. I was hoping maybe they would discuss possible future ventures to continue Farscape since EVIL EVIL EVIL sci fi channel cancelled it. Unfortunately there was no word of a possible renewel somewhere, even two years down the road when Sci Fi loses the rights. We did discuss at length what is going on with the sci fi channel. The panelists said that USA put someone who doesn’t even like sci fi in charge? Well what the heck is up with that? AND whatever happened to doing your job well? So you don’t like it. You still program it for what it should be. You don’t have to like it. You do your job well anyway.

I think this just about wraps up my adventures at Marcon. I met a lot of really great people and had a total blast. The people were so awesome. Of course the people really make the con! 🙂 If you have a bunch of really cool people then the con will be a lot better. Well we had a bunch of really cool people! I forgot how much I loved going to conventions. I’m going to have to go back next year! I’m already excited and I can’t believe I have to wait a WHOLE year!

Late Saturday night they had a Buffy Sing A Long which I thought was going to be done Rocky Horror style but it was just the musical episode with subtitles so the whole audience sang along. It was tons of fun but several people said next year we should do it Rocky Horror style. That would be a blast. People dressed up and acting it out in the front! HAHA Can you imagine? I think if I went as Anya I’d have to just wear fuzzy bunny slippers and bunny PJs. How great would that be? ROFL… Anya and her bunnies… hehe

The last panel I went to was called Women of Sci Fi but it turned out to be a women in Buffy and was great. I really enjoyed discussing the different women characters on Buffy. Yes I’m a closet Buffy fan. Well probably not closet since a lot of people know… haha!

–Lady O

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