Friday it is. Last day. And he is done with Kindy. Wow. Where has the year gone? He had a big huge party at the park behind the school last Friday. Someone made his class certificates and Tshirts. Very cute. There was cake and playing and chips and juice. Lots of parents came and we had fun. The kids had a BALL! I took lots and lots of pictures (of course) with my digicam. Gosh I love my digicam. I loaded the pictures Saturday. Had some technical difficulties with my website and had that fixed and so they are now viewable.

I’m so proud of my little Caramon. He’s getting so big. And he did so well at Kindy and he just loves school. And next year Joram goes to Kindy. My boys, they are so big and tall and grown up. *SIGH* What happened to the babies?

I’m secretary of the PTO next year. Wow. Hope I do well. I am going to try to volunteer in the classrooms some too.

I’ve been looking into school for me this fall. SInce both boys will be in school (Joram only half a day though) I thought I could finally go back and finish up school. I have like two years worth of college. I want to finish my degree. But I am finding that I don’t think I can afford it. Ugh. I wish I could. I want to finish my degree.