I know, I have fallen behind. I’m such a slacker.

I’ve been playing more Diablo and watching Buffy as usual. And hanging out with my good friend ElfMyst. That’s really about it. My assassin, GrrrArgh, is up over level 25 now. How exciting! We finished the normal level. We tried to go kill some moo-cows but we kept dying. Grisly death by cow. Not fun.

I’m currently on disk five of season 2. I think I’m just going to go buy the frelling seasons. Maybe one a month. I’ll catch up right fast then. But I need to stop buying movies! hehe But I have to spend hubby’s pay raise somehow! HAHA

Let’s see, I’ve watched a bunch of movies. An interesting one was this Nick Cage flick. Kiss of the Vampire or something like that. Very cheesy. Earlier work. Bad accent, bad hair, bad clothes, bad hand gestures. And he was a little psycho. Very weird. I also saw a Sarah Michelle Geller flick. Simply Irrestible. It was very cute! So nice to see her not being Kung Fu Barbie. She was a normal type girl and she was cute and she was in love with this rather cute guy. It was definately a sappy chic flick romance. But if you are into that sort of thing… check it out. I found it in the six dollar DVD bin at Walmart. Those are the two worth mentioning right now… Among others were Max Keeble’s Big Move and Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Saturday I went with ElfMyst and her kids over to this place. Family Fun Wow or some such nonsense. You know the type of place: laser-tag, vid games, playland, skate rink? It was a little ghetto but we had freebie coupons. I tried to let my kids skate (first time) but that lasted all of three seconds. First off Joram’s skates were velcro and would NOT stay closed. Second of all they all had very loose wheels so the wheels spun like mad. So the kids tried to skate but went flying. We asked for tools to take care of it… no dice. They didn’t have any. Too bad. So I’ll end up buying the kids skates and taking them to the tennis courts by my house or something I suppose.

Let’s see… I did catch this Dr Who spoof finally I heard about at Marcon. Curse of Fatal Death. For the majority of it, Dr Who is played by Rowan Atkinson. (Mr Bean for those of you who don’t know… or the italian guy from Rat Race?) Too cool. He made a GREAT Dr. Another Dr (he went through several regens) was get this… Hugh Grant! Also good thought! Way great spoof. I must say, you gotta catch it!

Finally… I promise not to rant… I had a HOA meeting. Most of the HO in my neighbourhood are great and wonderful. But we got some of those that make everyone mad. Every neighbourhood does. *SIGH* Oh well. (trying really hard not to rant) I wish that people would just get along. And accept that we have to cover things that they don’t care about because other people care about it. We all have our pet issues. Some people have speeding. Since I have issues with just about every driver here… that’s not my pet issue. Mine is the fact that people let their dog potty in my yard and don’t clean it up. Look, if you don’t have anything, knock on my door. I got buckets of those walmart bags. I’ll gladly give you one. I understand if you forgot or you ran out, so I don’t mind. I don’t mind dogs. I like dogs. I don’t want one of my own because I’m allergic. I don’t mind you walking your dog by my house. But when I have to police my yard every day because people don’t clean up? That makes me mad. There are pooper scooper laws! And it is just the decent thing to do! OF course right now just about everyone (but a select few) are really upset about this tire store going in the front of our neighbourhood. Well that’s definately going to raise the traffic problems guys! And I don’t want a service station with their chemicals and stuff up there. I especially don’t want the drop in my very expensive house’s value. Anyway, enough of this because otherwise I might rant. Wow I am such a good person. I ranted for an hour to several people on Sunday after the meeting!