I’ll be posting this in the blog on my website this week, but I figured I should put it here in case people don’t go to my website.

Caramon had his three month check up yesterday. He is well. All went well. There was a CT as well and his lungs show no change. So they are positive now all that they were seeing was scarring.

We go back in September for the full workup. Chest and belly and everything else. I’m very happy that all is well though! Yay!

I always get worried on clinic days. It is like the rest of the time we are living our life and we don’t have to think about it. But those days at the clinic… it makes you remember, oh yeah… this is really happening. Especially seeing all those sick little kids. In fact we were sitting in CT and there was this cute girl… she looked like Romona Quimby (from those books? I probably just dated myself… haha). Well she went for her CT after Caramon. Well we got done with getting his vitals up in heme/onc and guess who walked in? Yup the same girl. I almost wanted to cry.

I found out they do a camp in August. Caramon is able to attend. I think I am going to find the sign up form and sign him up so he can go. Let him see some of those kids. I really should do more with Kids N Kamp but I never do. They usually do stuff on the south east side of town and it can be a hike and I don’t know the area and I’m not that comfortable going down there. It is a great organization though. I should do more and let him make some friends with other kids who have gone through what he has gone through. He’s such a brave trooper.

Oh if anyone wants to know how his scarring is for whatever reason… he scarred really well! You can barely see the scars anymore! They are just thin white lines. I was so worried they would take a while. Especially that big blotchy one where one of the chest tubes was. But even that is just white now. It is definately large and there is a bit of scar tissue under it… but from a distance you can’t tell he had all those surgeries. Which makes me happy. He’s a boy… he likes to go shirtless. To bed, to the pool, you know… I’d hate for him to have this huge scars everywhere for other kids to stare at and stuff. Kids can be cruel.

Oh yeah… he has grown a hair. He is 44 pounds and 3 foot 7 inches tall. In September he was only 3 foot 6! He grew a whole inch in the last close to a year! YAY! And he put on a pound or so! I think he’s getting ready to grow though because his face filled out some.

Anyway, thanks to all who ask about him, think about him, pray about him, whatever! You are the best! And Caramon appreciates it too! So many thanks!