OK, I am really enjoying watching these Buffy episodes at night. It is kind of cool to have a series and be able to watch it in order and in big chunks when nothing else is on. “Oh I have nothing to do? I’ll watch this show I like.” I think I am definately going to have to invest in other series. Way cool.

Watching this, I am seeing more and more things. I mean, I started watching it more for humour than anything else. I mean it was kind of this silly campy show. Well I like campy, nothing wrong with campy. The one liners alone are awesome. Quotable! But sitting down and watching these things like I have been, you start to notice there is a lot of underlying stuff. Holy smokes! Who knew you were supposed to THINK with Buffy and not just sit back, grin, and laugh?

It is also interesting to see how the characters all really grew and changed. A lot of shows we don’t see that. The characters at the end are still very much the characters they were at the beginning. We know more about them, yes, but they do not really change. Yet in Buffy we see characters that actually develope and grow and change! Which fits because you do a lot of growing and developing and changing in high school and early adult years. You discover who you are. Well this group really did do that. You sure didn’t see that on Dawson’s Creek or anything else! I think I really like the show for that as well.

So season 4 is out now. I have none of the seasons as of yet. Ugh. Maybe a season a month or something is definately in order. Of course you should see my wish list for DVD series… I have down Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel, Alias, Friends, Farscape, Star Trek TNG, Dr Who, Babylon 5, Stargate, and DS9. I can’t afford all of these! Especially since with the exception of Dark Angel which just recently released season 1 and Alias which is releasing Season 1 this fall, these shows have several seasons out already! EEEEK. EEEEEK! That’s a lot of DVDs! I should have started buying a long time ago. Especially since I’ve been thinking for a year about getting Friends and Buffy. Why didn’t I just do it? It would have been a lot less scarey back when there was only a season or two out! And of course, those star trek and farscape ones? They are like 100 bucks a pop! OUCH! Yeah, I really love those shows and all… but they are the bottom of the list to buy. Sorry… that’s way costly. Hard to fit into a monthly budget!

But it is really fun to just sit and watch with NO COMMERCIALS these shows that I enjoy. Really fun! What a neat idea!