Oh why not? All the cool kids are doing it! I think next I’m going to go and kick someone out of their house 😉

Hey look caliban27, we’re really compatable! And loadhan, we’re at 80%… not too shabby! 🙂

I do find it very disturbing that I am so compatable with the Buffy and Charmed crowd. Now I know I love them and all, but what does it say about me? I guess I was just born to fight evil or something! Hey can I join the Scoobies or the Coven? 🙂

amanda_sit 98%
caliban27 98%
_rogueslayer_ 95%
_whistler_ 95%
cole_turner 93%
stressedpiper 87%
xbuffysummersx 87%
_charmed_eyes_ 87%
prue_p3 84%
loadhan 80%
rabbit_phobia 80%
that0therguy 67%
How compatible with me are YOU?