OK… This is just the coolest concept ever. I am loving this. I mean, really loving this. I’ve been watching Buffy and just loving it. It is so much nicer to watch a whole season at one time instead of broken up over so long with all the repeats in the middle and all the commercials and stuff. You can much better follow the broad storyline and really see the differances in characters.

So I have a list going now of what I want. I thought just in case you guys were curious… I’d share with you. So you can see how poor I am and how much money I would like to just blow on DVDs.

But this is great. No commercials. No reruns. No interruptions. Great quality. And fun little trivia facts and stuff. (Depending upon what the people put for extra features on the DVDs) And it is so wonderful during repeat season. 🙂

OK Here’s my list of what I know is available:

Buffy: Seasons 1-4 are available as of this week. There are 7 seasons total.
Angel: Season 1 is out, Season 2 comes out in the beginning of September. There are 5 so far. (fifth is this fall)
Dark Angel. There are only 2 seasons total, the first just came out. I don’t know when season 2 is coming out.
Alias: Season 1 is being released this September which is when season 3 starts on TV.
Friends: Season 4 comes out next month. There are a total of 10 seasons. (this coming season is the last.)
Farscape: There are only 4 seasons and three of them out. But they release them in packs of 1 disc so that it isn’t going to be as big… hehe
Stargate: Looks like we are going into season 7 (starts TONIGHT)and season 3 comes out on DVD on Tuesday and Season 4 comes out in September.
Babylon 5. Season 3 of five comes out in August. Star Trek TNG All are available.
Dr Who… Key of Time (and any others i can find and afford.)

I want 7th Heaven, JAG, Charmed and Lois and Clark on DVD but I haven’t seen any hints they are putting them out.