Well Sir Megabyte worked all Friday night and part of Saturday. He worked over 30 hours between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon. Pretty sad! Poor guy has been exhausted and hurting.

I went to the grocery store because oh yes that is the fun thing to do. Ugh. I hate grocery shopping! The food vanishes as soon as I bring it home!

Yesterday evening I went with a friend, ElfMyst to sell her puppies. Her purebread black lab and her purebread german shepherd had a little party one night and suddenly they had 13 puppies. Yes I said 13. One of the puppies didn’t make it though. 😦 So they were left with 12 very cute puppies. We went and set up by the Kroeger and managed to sell all 12! ElfMyst was so excited! Now she has enough to buy herself the barebones that she wants and have another computer. Yay! I just hope the puppies found good homes. They were so soft and fluffy and cuddly and cute. And one was so super pudgey! I named him Chunky Monkey. We sold him to one of the Kroeger employees.

I wanted to briefly talk about the Relief Society lesson today. It was really awesome. It was about joy. It really made me think how lucky I am because when I’ve had trials not only did I have the Gospel to help me find peace but I had some wonderful people supporting me and helping me out. They may not have realized it but they were. I know that the was Lord working in my life. Of course I also kept thinking about the Buffy musical which has been running through my head. The part where Spike tells Buffy “Life isn’t bliss, life is just this, it’s living.” Yeah we all have struggles but if we strive to LIVE then we will make it through. I know, I’m probably the only one who thinks about Buffy the Vampire Slayer while at a Christian church… hahaha. I know, I’m truly warped.

This afternoon we are just hanging out for Father’s Day. Sir Megabyte got a card from the boys and his present was two tickets to the REO Speedwagon, Styx, Journey concert coming up. He loves them.