I forgot to mention the cute thing Joram did… he made a cake. OK, it was from a box. But he put the water in and he did all the stirring. Only thing I did was help with the measuring and then putting it into the pan and then putting the pan in and out of the oven. He was so proud. He even did the icing. That was for Father’s Day for Sir Megabyte. Sir Megabyte loved it of course. Joram is the cutest 4 year old!

Yesterday Joram decided Daddy was GOING to play cards with him. Basically it was Go Fish. But Joram kept making up all these rules and doing funny things. It was so cute. And of course Sir Megabyte was like “Oh I AM going to play cards am I?” ROFL… he was trying to work and he kept laughing so hard that he couldn’t do anything!

Today was fun… haha We have MORE rain. yes I know… it won’t stop raining! So the kid were going bonkers. We read a little Greek mythology from a book I recently got. Yeah it is a little over them, but they love it!

This afternoon they went and played with some friends. I went to one of the malls here. I drifted into the comic book store and get this… there are cheap comics! I got an XMen for a quarter, a The Hulk for a quarter, and a Superman for a dime! No kidding! Apparently they do about one a month of these cheap comics. Well that’s right my speed! yipee! Comic day is Wed so I may have to go back to make sure there are no new cheap ones… hehe I’m gonna have to go visit comic book stores more! The boys were excited when I showed them. Yay!

OK, funny story. I’m trying to help ElfMyst get herself a new system. Well she has this bug to build her own system. She just doesn’t want something prioritized. Don’t blame her there. So I introduced her to the true way of buying systems… the internet and places like pricewatch.com Weeeeeeeellll…. she picks out a beaut of a system. Great deal. But the guy she talked to is such a dork she swears it sounded like he was in his basement doing this. Now I’m sure he was just in some cube somewhere and a rather sharp individual. But you know how sometimes you get those people and you just KNOW they are in a closet with a flashlight and a “For Dummies” book? Yeah that’s what she got off this. So we had great fun making up a whole life for this poor guy. it was bad… LOL Anyway… we couldn’t stop laughing!