SO everyone else is talking about it so why not me. OK, confession? I have only read books one and two. I have three and four. Yes I like them. They are great. But I try to read them slowly so that it is less of a time to wait for the next segment. I hadn’t read them until after I saw the first movie. Loved the movie so I read the first book. But I read it with Caramon so it took FOREVER. Well then I read the second in anticipation of going to the movie but then was scared to take the boys to the movie. Heard it was dark. The spiders were scary. So we never went. *SIGH* We have the DVD (thanks Mom) and so we’ll watch that. It will be less scary and we can watch it in the afternoon and hopefully that it will be even less scary for them. We’ll get the movie probably next month or August. Depends on if my parents come to visit next month.

But now that I have seen how many changes there are between the original english and what they pipe to us in America I’m peeved. I thought it was just the title in the first one. But now I find they change a bunch of things even whole sentences! And in all the books. How stupid! I don’t want the bloody american ones. Americans are not all stupid. Plenty of us enjoy the good english books. When I was a kid I don’t think I read anything american if I could help it. Or if I got a really good review. OF course it did warp me. I can’t spell colour the american way among other things! HA! And I happen to like scones and clotted cream for breakfast. (OK, mum grew up in Europe too… haha I was doomed!)

Anyway, now I feel like writing them and telling them how stupid they are for changing them. There is absolutely no need. And now I don’t even know if I want to read books three and four let alone five. I’d rather get the ORIGINAL ones. Pure unadulterated what the author wanted us to have. I can’t believe she let them do that. If it were my work i’d be like “SOD OFF”. You know?

What do you guys think? Just suck it up and wrack it up to american stupidity and snobbery and just read the books or should i save up and buy the proper ones?

I think it is sad though that with as avid a reader I am, and how this series is RIGHT up my alley… I was no where near as excited about the new one. Now all you guys… you sound like me when the last Left Behind book came out. Or when a new Xanth novel comes out. Or a new Valdemar books! Or a new dragonrider of pern book (hint hint anne mccaffrey!) Well you get the picture! LOL

OH BY THE WAY! THE NEW ARTEMIS FOWL BOOK IS OUT! WOOHOO It is hardback only. If you love Harry Potter, you’ll love these. Go get them, there are now three! I was jumping up and down at the bookstore yesterday over Artemis. I shrieked when I saw it, everyone else coming in was shrieking over Harry Potter! ROFL