For one, I started an at home job. I process ads for a newspaper. It is definately not high paying enough. But to make some spending money for the summer, it’ll do! šŸ™‚ Yay!

Something else I did this week? I took the kids to the fire department. They had so much fun. We got to climb all over the engine and rescue squad and go through the firehouse and talk to real firemen. The boys had so much fun. As soon as I take them off the digital, I’ll add them to my website.

Yesterday hubby and I went to Wyandott Lake. We won the tickets from a contest for parents who volunteered at the school. Cool. Only two tickets. Which was probably better anyway because the kids are still iffy about water. They will do a pool now but I don’t think they would do something wild as a water park. It is just a little too much right now. Hopefully we’ll get them more used to the water so that they won’t freak out if water hits their faces. Caramon is much better and will put his head under water from time to time but Joram still freaks out. But we had so much fun! I hurt my shoulder and back though. And my knees ache from the stairs. Oh yeah, we road that octopus type ride. You know the one… it is like at a fair and usually has a name having to do with squids or spiders or whatever because it has eight “legs”? You spin around and around and go up and down and you can even make the car itself spin. Well we made the car spin and boy did it spin. Mega g forces. We tried to go “wheee” and it got strangled out of us and we sounded so dorky! LOL

Today I laid around with hubby hurting from where we got hurt on the slides (and my knees from overuse…dang bad knees) so we watched some movies. Let’s see… Father of the Bride 2, Clockstoppers, um… those are the only two I really remember. Now I’m watching this ABC Family movie “This Time Around”. Late this afternoon, ElfMyst came over with her kids. The kids all played in the sprinkler. We tore down the useless insulation in our basement. She ran home and showered and I showered and then we hung out talking. We grilled some yummy food. TOday felt MUCH more like summer. It was like 82.

Let’s see… oh I totally forgot to mention Enrichment Night! It was so awesome. We had an Opera night. We had an Opera singer come out and sing for us. She was so great. ANd funny too! Told us lots about the opera. Opera is so beautiful. I know… it takes a lot to like it. But remember I was a dancer! Not far from ballet to opera. šŸ™‚