So I did a little looking today. To order from (the canadian amazon) I can get all the HP books. These will be the real versions not the messed up american ones. Here’s the thing. I own the first four in the American Trade Paperback edition. So should I just forget that and go with my principals?

Here’s the cost I’m looking at.

I can just buy number 5 in hardback from them for about 26 CDN. Plus shipping and handeling.

I can buy the first four in paperback and number five in hardback for a mismatched set and a total of 78 CDN including s/h which would be roughly 50 something american bucks.

I can buy all five in hard back so they will be pretty and match (yes I like matching sets, I know I’m a freak. Leave me alone!) for 102 CDN which is about 75 American bucks. Yes that also includes s/h.

Or I can just buy the hardback american and have a mismatched set for 17 or I can wait till it comes out next year in trade paperback for a little less and have a matched set. And just give up my principals and forgo the anger at dumbing down of america.

What do you guys think?