We aren’t leaving till morning but I wanted to go ahead and post my official vacation goodbye while I was thinking about it!!

We leave in the morning and head to a puny town outside of Nashville. Oh yay. The sticks. From there we will go to a little “country” wedding whatever that means. Anyone got dress ideas for me? My MIL wouldn’t tell me any more than “it’s a little country wedding” Thanks. Then it is off to Georgia for some visits with friends.

I will have no net connection while at in laws. They live in the dark ages. Just wrong. *SIGH* So I probably won’t “see” you guys for a few days.

Oh yeah, just because I have to complain… WHY ARE THE FIREWORKS HERE TONIGHT??????? IT IS NOT THE FOURTH OF JULY YET????? WHY IS OHIO SO WEIRD??????

OK, got it out of my system (I hope).