Sir Megabyte swiped Icy’s copy of Harry Potter book 5 and has been reading nonstop. He even took the thing to CNN and read in line and stuff! That’s a big book to heft around. Well since Icy’s daughter was still visiting Grandma and Grandpa due to the heat and lack of AC at home, Icy and I decided to go visit Babyland General. Now this was probably a really dumb thing for perfectly grown women to go do. Yes you may mock me. But as a child of the 80’s how could I not go? It was an hour away from Icy’s house but that was OK. We left Sir Megabyte to his book and took off. I have a massive amount of pictures. Once they are loaded to my website I’ll put up links.

So what’s Babyland General for those poor souls who haven’t figured it out? It is the hospital where they take the Cabbage Patch Kids after they are born in the Cabbage Patch under The Magic Crystal Tree! Icy took her Cabbage Patch girl to visit her old stomping ground. We took the tour and saw lots of lovely little kids who need good homes. We even got to see some babies being born in the cabbage patch! Which is really cute! They announce the cabbage dilation, full dialation is 10 leaves. And when the cabbage is ready to deliver the LPN, Licensed Patch Nurse, comes over. She does an ultrasound and we have to tell if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl. Hey! It is done by colour there at Babyland General so stop getting weird thoughts! Finally the LPN gives the mother cabbage a shot of Imagicillian and does an Easyotemy. They’ve never had to do a c-section (Cabbage-Section) so it seems to be a proven method. And then the baby is born and the LPN wraps him or her up in a hospital blanet. Apparently they had a bit of trouble with an intern recently. He planted the corn too close to the cabbage patch and because of cross fertilization the babies now have ears! And apparently he fertilzed the patch and so the babies also have hair! Wow, what a differance 20 years make in the cabbage patch! Well at that point the LPN asks for help naming the baby. The crowd of onlookers get to name the baby! Well Icy and I just had to… we realized this and at the second birth we threw out a Dr Who name! The baby ended up being named Romana Maria. Too cute! Well we tried to adopt our little Time Lord baby but apparently the adoption prices there are quite high! I blame it on GA… yeah… that’s it… hehe 200 bucks! Ouch. So poor Romana has no home last we heard but she sure has a cool name!