OMG I got to tour CNN! How cool is that? I got to go in and see them working at CNN and Headline News and! Super super super awesome! I was so giddy. I hit the gift shop first and bought up a bunch of really stupid stuff. I got pencils for the kids and I got a lanyard for me and there was so much stuff that I’d have bought if I had had the cash.

We took the tour which starts you out on the bottom floor. Pretty much you go in the door and there is this HUGE food court… like maybe 30 restaurants? I don’t know… a lot. More than I’ve EVER seen on a food court anywhere. And there’s the place to start the tour and the gift shop but that’s really about it that you see. So you start the tour and there is an escalator right there and it takes you up… SEVEN flights! Talk about vertigo! So yup, you could stand in the food court and look up and see all the floors and to the top of the building. Well anyway, they showed us so much neat stuff. One thing that was really neat was they showed us a room with a blue wall and they showed us how the teleprompter works and how they can use the blue wall to do the weather. Well they asked for a volunteer to read off the teleprompter while the guide showed us how it works. Well no one else wanted to volunteer. Yes I gave them time. Ok, so I only gave them about 20 seconds, but hey… you snooze you lose and you don’t want to be scooped! So yes… I got to say… “For CNN, this is Ozma.” (No I said my real name… I’m not THAT much a nerd!) Funny thing… our guide actually had the same name as me and get this… grew up right down the street from where we now live. So we go all the way to Atlanta and take a CNN tour and meet someone from our area! Isn’t that crazy? Anyway… I was a total giddy schoolgirl. I was like “Duh.. hehehehe I got to pretend I was a new anchor hehehehe.” It was like a dream come true. *SIGH* I know… I’m a nerd… but I still have that journalist blood in me. But TV is a little too much, I like the written word. I know, just because I want to be Lois Lane. But is that such a bad desire? She gets Superman! Well anyway, just super cool. Made my whole vacation!

After that we decided to go to Atlanta Underground. See my inlaws told me how neat it was and even though my friend, Icy, had been told it was lame we decided to go. It was actually on our way home on the Atlanta Metro (they call it MARTA) so why not? OMG it was so not needed to be seen. Talk about lame! It was just some shopping but it wasn’t even like it was a good mall or something. It was all touristy type shopping. Really expensive stuff that serves no purpose. Bah. What a waste! Oh well… at least I can say I went.

We stopped by Icy’s hubbies work. I don’t know if they are super secret so I won’t share much… he is building a robot. Isn’t that neat? No more details though in case they have that guy patented or some such! While there we swiped this really cool thermometer thingy. It has like a beam of lite you shoot at the object you want to get the temp of and click a button and it tells you what the temp is. We had fun running around Icy’s house checking what the temp of things were. Gosh it was warm!