Well my dear Sir Megabyte didn’t pack himself enough clothes. I told him I didn’t think he had enough but he didn’t bother paying any mind to me. Oh well. He needed some more summer clothes anyway.

We drove up to some outlet stores north of Atlanta. We went to this one outlet that had levi and some other things in. We bought a lot of clothes there. I even got a few new shirts and two pairs of capris. We spent 104 bucks and ended up walking home with $264 in clothes! Not a bad deal at all!

We also went into some other stores and looked around. A chocolate store with yummy mints. A Coleman outlet store where we picked up a piece we needed for our camp stove. We wrapped up the shopping with a journey into a bookstore. We found some impressively good deals! We got $248 in books for only 66 bucks! I love good deals, especially with books and clothes! 🙂

For lunch we couldn’t figure out what to do. None of us wanted to eat fast food type stuff but thinking back that might have been a better option! We went to Ruby Tuesday’s which doesn’t have a whole lot of decent food on the menu but this place took the cake. We waited over an hour for our food. There was no one in there as it was after a usual lunch time. What a nightmare. I have no idea what took them so long unless they possibly had to run to the nearest farm to get the animals and the dairy products!