So Sunday we just hung out and did nothing. I pretty much read. My inlaws have decided that they don’t need a tv in the living room. How they get the news conviently while making dinner and the like is beyond me. I guess they watch the news before going to bed? They also have a fairly decent computer but no internet. You can just imagine what I was going through with no tv and no internet. I’m definately a techno-girl.

My MIL got married last September for the third time. She used her digital camera and took a picture of her new husband’s bumm (oh gosh get your mind out of the gutter… yes he had pants on!) and blew it up big and that is her backdrop. So I wouldn’t have wanted to spend too much time on her computer anyway. *SHUDDER* She was rather open about her um… life… and that’s a bit uncomfortable.

After marrying her husband she moved her tv out of the living room. Apparently people didn’t want to talk to them or something and wanted to watch tv. She told me we should move ours out of our living room. Well yes I want to make my great room into more of a sitting area and put my basement area into a family room. Right now it is kind of reversed. I’ll probably leave it this way for a while as it is will be too much of a pain to try to figure out how to do it reversed. Dang house without proper rooms. But anyway, she doesn’t have a formal sitting room and a family room. How weird. How do you invite friends over for movies? And besides when I have friends over, we don’t have any problem turning off or ignoring the tv. And I often have friends over to watch tv or movies. I just think it is too weird to not have a room where you can publically watch tv.

Oh well, I wonder if I taught her that it doesn’t matter. If people don’t want to talk they don’t talk. I sat in her living room reading. Hmmm.

Her new husband seems to be a rather intelligent sort of person. He dropped out of school and just recently went back and got his GED. Glad he got it. He should have it. Like I said, he seems rather intelligent and it is just a shame that an intelligent individual just not have their high school diploma/GED. Of course now he has weird books laying around the house. Like College Algebra right next to the loo. Wouldn’t that do better, if you actually want to keep such a book, as a coffee table book? I mean, you can work the problems out at a coffee table. Who’s going to do algebra while going to the loo? Oh well… whatever. My math text books were the first ones that got shipped back to the bookstore to be resold.

Oh, my inlaws are obsessed with rocks. They apparently like to use them for massage. So now we have two official and authentic Tennessee rocks. Uh… thanks. Yeah, so do this weekend’s happy bride and groom.

The family got together yet again on Sunday. We played Skipbo. Then Sir Megabyte’s older sister taught us a game, I can’t remember what it was called. But it is kind of neat. I’d try to explain it but I’ll get it jumbled. I’ll see if I can get the name of it and stuff written down and then I’ll share.

Today we went to visit Sir Megabyte’s grandmother and visited with her for a bit. Then we went and left and traveled to Atlanta to visit my friend Icy. Now we are here in GA and it is rather nice to be away from the inlaws, even if poor Icy’s AC is broke. Poor girl. It’s been broke over a week I guess. This is GA. Hope her warranty people fix it soon for her!

Oh… just had to share… I got to eat at Sonic twice already! YUMMY! Love Sonic! Wish Sonic would move to Ohio! MMMMM.

One last thing, apparently Jim (the new step father in law to me) fancies himself a painter. He gave us a painting of two horses in a field by some woods. But the poor guy… there was a flood and the wood the canvas is stretched on warped. He felt so bad. So now we have to figure out how to fix it. If we do I’ll take a picture and post it to my website. Jim also fancies himself a guitarist but he had no strap or pics so we went to a guitar store (what a pain it was finding that store) and we got him a strap, 8 pics, and a longer cord for the amp. He was very happy. Hope he doesn’t lose the pics! I felt bad we didn’t get my MIL anything but maybe we gave her the gift of more music. 🙂