Style Desk | June 22, 2003, Sunday
Metrosexuals Come Out

By WARREN ST. JOHN (NYT) 1778 words
Late Edition – Final , Section 9 , Page 1 , Column 2
LEAD PARAGRAPH – BY his own admission, 30-year-old Karru Martinson is not what you’d call a manly man. He uses a $40 face cream, wears Bruno Magli shoes and custom-tailored shirts. His hair is always just so, thanks to three brands of shampoo and the precise application of three hair grooming products: Textureline Smoothing Serum, got2b styling glue and Suave Rave hairspray.

Mr. Martinson likes wine bars and enjoys shopping with his gal pals, who have come to trust his eye for color, his knack for seeing when a bag clashes with an outfit, and his understanding of why some women have 47 pairs of black shoes. (”Because they can!” he said.) He said his guy friends have long thought his consumer and grooming habits a little . . . different. But Mr. Martinson, who lives in Manhattan and works in finance, said he’s not that different.

Here’s the link. That’s just a snippet, I didn’t want to buy the whole article. But here’s a link in case you want to read the whole thing and don’t mind buying it. 🙂

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And Finally: From The Word Spy the defination of Metrosexual is: metrosexual

(MET.roh.sek.shoo.ul) n. A dandyish narcissist in love with not only himself, but also his urban lifestyle.

And here is a link to their article about where it came from and some examples of the word in use:

Now I ask you guys out there… are you pure gay or strait or are you a metrosexual? (I am not sure what a “manly man” homosexual guy would be called… sorry if you fit into this category but feel free to tell me if you know and/or feel you fit it!)

Frasier, we finally know what you and Niles are… you are metrosexuals! See ya at the Ballet! 🙂