So all is going well yesterday. I vacated my house due to crazy goings on in the neighbourhood. Hmmm, should post about that at some point as well I suppose. Oh well, I digress.

Anyway, my parents come up from Virginia to visit and spoil my boys because the two just aren’t rotten enough *GRINS*!

So we go to grab a bite to eat for supper and Sir Megabyte thinks we should take one car. Well ok… techinically we shouldn’t as there is one to few seatbelts but whatever. But he’s left his hard hat in the car and I figure I should take it out so 1. my dad has leg room and 2. so Sir Megabyte can have it in his car should he need it.

So i grab it and go and put it on his car and then I’m gonna go inside to get my purse. Well I get up to the steps in my garage that lead into my house and realize that the door is locked. So I try to spin around and step down the steps to leave but because that step is narrow, well needless to say I crash and burn on my attempt. Wrenched my ankle something fierce.

It is bruised but it didn’t swell up too bad considering that I twisted it bad. So we pulled out the crutches and got me a bandage. I was in pain all night long. Today it doesn’t really hurt unless i try to move it too much or stand on it. Thank goodness for those crutches!

I do have a good bit of mobility back, maybe half? So hopefully that is a sign that it will heal quickly.

Never fear, my men are taking good care of me. The boys continually come over to kiss me and pat my hand and reassure me I’ll be better soon. And Sir Megabyte is waiting on me hand and foot and is even carrying me up and down the stairs so I can sleep in my nice comfy bed instead of being trapped on the mostly comfy sofa.

I feel a right bit daft for hurting myself so badly, but ahh well. It will give me time to catch up more on journals! HEHE However I don’t like being trapped at home.