Well for some reason I woke up and the ankle was just throbbing. Major pain. But by noon it was gone and I could put a LITTLE weight on my foot. Still staying off the blooming thing. I plan to stay off it for most of the week if not the whole week. I can tell it is at that point where I could hobble around but then I’d end up three times worse off. Yuck. Don’t want THAT!

My right underarm where the crutch sits is killing me. It feels bruised. There were the shoulder blade is? Yeah… I think that the crutch is not liking me. 😦

But I have much more mobility in my ankle again. I have almost a full flex and full point. And about half my right and left mobility. So that’s also good.

So I’ve spent the day watching movies on Sci Fi and playing on the computer. Ahh mindless solitaire games! Whatever am I going to do tomorrow when Sir Megabyte takes the laptop to work? Waaaahhhh.

I’m rather nervous for the week. Not being able to get around easily my kids are going to run rather amok. Eeeek. My parents decided that they couldn’t take them to VA. The boys would have loved that and I definately would have enjoyed the time off to recover from this injury. Oh well.

Hmm, think it is time for more computer games. Wish the laptop had spider solitaire. I’ve got the craving to play that. I’m kind of tired of strait solitaire and free cell, the only two on here. If you know a place on the web I can play spider solitaire for when i’m on the laptop, please share! πŸ™‚