So this has been a boring week. I’ve enjoyed it though! I’ve read a bunch of books! YAY! I’ve got my I want to read list down to something like only 110 books again! WOOHOO. Yay!
Let’s see, I’ve completed The Notebook, Missing Susan, The Book of Fred, and Full Tilt. Fun fun! 🙂

I’ve been playing lots of solitaire. Thanks loadhan! You rock! Anyone who wants the link, there are some fun versions. I think I am going to load it on my main computer as well.

OK, and now thanks to caliban27 I’m addicted to this silly game on the internet that proves that some geeks have TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS. Seriously dudes… internet porn… *SNICKER* Hey, at least then they would have SOME life… But wait, then I won’t have useless games like this! OK, guess the Dictator/TV Character link is and now you can go and try to stump the computer! 🙂

OK, I am able to walk, somewhat. And now I have company.