YAY! I’ve wanted one since I heard about TIVO several years ago! I’ve been so patient but gosh I’ve wanted one!

Well my satellite company (Dish Network) is running a special to make their PVR/Receiver really affordable to current subscribers so I did it!

I now have a 60 hour PVR! WOOHOO First thing I PVR? LOIS AND CLARK! WOOHOO

I’m currently PVRing 4 hours of Roswell that is on Sci Fi. I haven’t had any time to actually play with all my new features… but oh well. There’s always tonight. When I set up to PVR my fave shows! How exciting!

I’m giddy. I keep looking at it to make sure it is really here! HAHA

BTW Still angry about the “locals” issue. I have now decided that when they finally get locals, I’m gonna PVR my shows so I can skip ALL COMMERCIALS and then inform the advertisers of this. HAHAHA CBS will not gain ANYTHING from ME! MWAHAHAHAHAHA I’m so vindictive!

Speaking of which, when I called ABC to question regarding the article I wanted to write??? ABC refused to speak with me. All my local ABC woman would say was “NO COMMENT” pretty much. Interesting…

Oh and I found out that apparently the owner of our CBS also owns some channel called ONN that he demanded my satellite pick up if they wanted CBS. Um… hello… that’s going to drive the rates up. I think not. I’ve lived in the oh so great state of Ohio for 5 years now and I’ve lived a perfectly happy life not knowing a thing about this ONN channel. I don’t care if I get it or not!