I’ve just been busy the last week and a half. Between calling and trying to talk to my local channels and fight for my rights and have them be downright rude to me and then not tell me anything when I told them I was trying to write an article, to working, to trying to study up for something for church, plus I got drafted to join this local group called WeVOTE that is trying to educate people about some things in the upcoming election dealing with the school district!

We got Joram’s teacher assignment for Kindy. He has Mrs Konopka just like Caramon had! Joram is so excited!

Caramon went to Heme/Onc camp and had a blast! Three days and they had a wonderful cowboy theme and he talked about it nonstop for almost all of last week! He got two shirts from camp. One says “No Slackers” on the back. It has the big circle with a line across it. Too funny. He made some great friends too. He already can’t wait till next year’s camp!

We spent time with Joram. First we had to help some friends load up a moving van so they could move to DC and so we went to a little party for them after that. But then we went to Joe’s Crab Shack with Joram. It is his fave restaurant. He had crab legs of course! Then we took him to this really neat pool at the community center that is like a mini indoor water park.

So yesterday I had to speak in church. I had to talk about “The Light of His Love” and was given a talk that meant like nothing to me and I can’t for the life of me figure out why the lady who gave it called it that. So I decided to not use it as referance even though that is what it was for. Well for some odd reason I went after the priesthood leader which I didn’t understand the reasons behind that, but he only left me like five minutes so I had to mentally edit my talk on the stand. EEEK! But I think it turned out well!

I finished my book club book. It was Knight Life by Peter David and was super funny. I’m glad we read it. Lots of neat stuff to talk about! It is about King Arthur returned and running for Mayor of NY, the new Camelot. He’s got his friendly neighbourhood wizard, Merlin, his faithful knight, Percival, and of course his beatuiful Queen, Guinevere. And how can we forget? Worse than his opponents in the race, he must once more fight Morgan La Fey and Mordred. So he shows up in NYC in full plate mail and falls down the subway stairs and of course, everyone ignores him. And he had the best view on gun control. I was laughing my bootie off! He said that if you want to own a gun, you should have to join the local militia otherwise you don’t deserve to own a gun. He said if you want protection to get a broadsword as they build the upper torso and kids can’t pick them up! ROFL. I love it! I can just picture the would-be car-jackers now! Wielding a broadsword! HAHA Book club is this week and I can’t wait for it! I hope everyone else enjoyed the book as much as I did!