OK, I have to admit to you guys. I have become addicted to this thing. Anyone who does not own one needs one. It is the only way to watch TV. I was stuck watching Enterprise last night live. I got a phone call about 15 minutes into it. YAY! Pause live tv and talk on phone for 20 minutes. Woohoo! Took a while to catch up to live and it was so great! Now I can’t stand if i have to sit through commercials. And I no longer need to worry about making it home at a certain time to watch tv. Heck, if I need to do dishes or chase kids or do some html work? No worries! My pvr records everything for me! YAY!

I went a little crazy at first and was recording EVERYTHING I could find. I’ve settled down. I have my PVR about half full right now. But I do have to admit that since I missed a couple episodes of MI5, I’ve been saving those till I can watch them all in a row. That will be after Monday when I have the whole run of what’s played so far. That will release something like six or so hours of time RIGHT THERE. Plus I have the dr who movie on there from Sci Fi channel. (Replay of the American Fox movie from a few years back.) Not sure that will ever come off. But that’s another two hours.

I love it because all the good shows come on in the middle of the night and not much comes on in the day (unless sci fi has a good day of shows) so this is great. Records shows in the middle of the night and I watch them the next day! Great plan! 🙂

Anyway… I think I might have a love affair with my PVR. Ahhhh… PVR…. Ahhhhh…. How on earth did I live so long just lusting after you before finally breaking down and bringing you into my home???? Oh well, at least the best buy people won’t be having to clean my drool off of the TiVo’s anymore! ROFL