Hmmm, I need to go see if I should update anything on my website. I definately could add a few blog entries there about our summer happenings. I have maybe three or photos to add as well. That will be on the to do for tomorrow I think. Don’t let me forget.

This week I’ve been working on a website about a levy trying to be passed in Westerville. One of those pesky someone knew someone who knew someone who knew that I did html work for dirt fricking cheap. (As in people walk all over me and get me to do sites for free way too much.) So handful of meetings, several phone calls, and a billion emails later??? Well go see what you think of what I’ve done so far. WeVOTE 2003 I must admit I cheated on this site and did a tripod template for the base shell of the website. Hey, for free you don’t get me slaving TOOOOOO hard!

I need to get back to work on the parenting site but argh… no idea where to even start!

Joel and Amy of the Joel and Amy website I manage for them are visiting me today. So good to see Joel. It’s been a few years since I actually SAW him. Talked to him a lot… but seen face to face? Like almost seven years! His bride Amy is just lovely as can be! They are napping now before heading out to Idaho for the new school year. I’ll have to see what they want next for their website.

And finally… the past almost two weeks I’ve been doing a trial with some webdesign for someone I know. If it works out I might just have a decent little part time job for the school year! Yay spending money! Hmmm… Joram’s birthday, Caramon’s birthday, Christmas… eeek… well so much for spending money! HAHA Oh well. I’ll definately post if I land the job. Of course I’ll be under NDA so I won’t be able to share anything while I’m working on something.

OK… my friends are now up so I better see what they are up to and spend some time with them before they take off for the west! goooooooo weeeeeeessssttttt! Sorry… love that song!