So it started off slow except my phone rang nonstop! So then I went and helped out at the school after getting Caramon’s room assignment information and all that stuff squared away. had a good time volunteering. I’m really looking forward to volunteering at the school this year! I like the people I volunteer with and I’m just excited to do some good!

Then tonight I went to a PartyLite party. Yay candles! I know… hello I’m a girl! Don’t call me lame! Waaaah!!! Hehehe… seriously though, had a great time. Sir Megabyte’s coworker’s wife was throwing it. It was nice to go and hang out with them. They seem really nice and I hope we can get together more often. I don’t really get together a lot with other people to just kind of hang out. I mean, yeah I do the PTO during the school year and I do book club but… well I won’t get into that. Anyway… Sir Megabyte and I definately don’t get together with other couples a hardly ever. So you get the drift.

So what are you guys doing this weekend? I have no idea what we are doing. getting the last little bit for school and that’s about it for real plans. I guess we’ll just relax!