Came up with these a long time ago, but am only now posting them for fun…

1. Ron’s coming back to Hogwar’s was not in question at the time the decisions were most likely made
2. Like Harry needs one more reason to be in the spotlight somewhere
3. With the Daily Prophet spreading the rubbish about Harry he would make a poor choice for prefect because the students needed to be able to feel they can trust their prefects
4. With the Daily Prophet spreading rubbish about Harry, parents would have been more miffed and possibly yanked their children out of the school had they heard Harry had been chosen as prefect
5. Ron needs the chance to shine and Harry needs the life lesson that everything is not all about him. He can’t be top at everything and he can’t always be the center of attention
6. Ron’s got a stunning familial history of prefects that do well so hopefully he will be much the same.
7. Ron as prefect as opposed to one of the other boys is that Dumbledore is assured that at least one (well two counting Hermoine) of his prefects KNOWS and BELIEVES about the dangers facing the students.
8. From a literary perspective she needs to give glory to others. It becomes unbelievable when one character gets everything. Then you end up with Forrest Gump. HAHA We definately don’t want THAT!
9. Harry is thought of as “Dumbledore’s boy” which means people would think that it was favoritism and also people would not feel comfortable knowing how close he is to Dumbledore.

OK… things that should NOT be in a kid’s book…

“We’re not going to use magic in class?!” Ron ejaculated.
He ejaculated? And of course after this the teacher tells him she wants classmates to sit with their hands on their desks. Gee I wonder why!

And after discovering that all the purebloods are inbred, next time Malfoy told me I was just a mudblood and therefore lower than dirt, I’d say “At least my parents aren’t cousins you inbred freak!” if I were Hermoine!