Oh my, How soon Friday came!

Friday morning I drove Caramon to school to hand out gold ribbons. It is Pediatric Cancer Awareness month and that’s the gold ribbon. He wanted his teacher and principal and office staff to have a gold ribbon. He’s such a sweet boy. He even gave one to the bus driver! I made the ribbons Thursday night.

Friday afternoon Joram and I went to the botanical gardens to meet his “girlfriend”, Sammy. She’s a sweetie. So they played and had lots of fun and we looked at all the pretty flowers. I got to talk to her mum and enjoyed that as it had been a while.

When we got home, Caramon was walking home from the bus. He told me… he was a Pride Pass winner! I’m so proud of him! He got two pride passes this week at school for being just so good and on Friday when they drew from the Pride Pass box, they got his Pride Pass! He picked out a little yellow alligator necklace. I’m so proud of him for being so good and big and for winning!

That’s it for Friday. Other than that we just hung out and did the same old same old.

Caramon is now an expert on 1st grade. He knows it all. He’s so funny. He makes me laugh. I love him so much but man is he funny!