Coming home from the botanical gardens on Friday I noticed a plastic bag hanging from my mailbox. I was trying to figure out why I would have a plastic bag hanging from my mailbox so I walked down to check it out. It was a box from CANADA! Woohoo, I knew right away what it was! It was my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! The proper version, not the dinky changed for the USA version! Thank you velvetcat for my gift! I’m so excited. I’ve been fondling it and showing everyone!

It is so nice. She got me the children’s cover. It is bright yellow at the top with a picture of a phoenix rising from flames. The colours are so bright and cheerful! And the art on the dustjacket is actually on the cover of the book! So that’s nice! I think though if I take it to show any more people I”m going to leave my dustjacket at home so it doesn’t get messed up.

I’m so excited to have this! I didn’t read Harry Potter for the longest time because of being angry they changed the books when they brought them over.

Anyway, just had to share! Ahhh…. pretty book to add to my collection…