So PTO was tonight. Boy did we cover a lot of stuff! Five pages of minutes that I condensed down to three. Whew! What a lot! But I feel I did my duty well as Secretary! Yay me! 🙂 Hopefully everyone will be pleased. I’m kind of nervous. It looks like a lot! But it is the first meeting of the year so that explains a lot. We had a great turnout. Something like 22 or 24 people? Something like that. We’ll have to see how many stick around. A bunch were kindy parents though like I was last year. So maybe we’ll retain a few!

Joram had his second day of Soccer today. Last week was more going over the rules of peewee soccer and stuff than actual soccer, though they did kick around the ball some. This week it went over though. He was out there for an hour and ten minutes! But he had so much fun. He told me all about it when I got home! Go Joram… soccer stud!

Caramon had soccer clinic on Saturday morning and LOVED it. He can’t wait, his first official practice with his team is this Thursday! He’s been practicing with our soccer ball!

Tonight I watched a couple of Judging Amy episodes. They were good. Gosh I love that show. So glad TNT is showing the series so I can catch up on stuff I missed.

I heard tonight there was a tribute to John Ritter on ABC so I tried to PVR it. I’ll have to watch it in the morning. So sad that he passed away. 😦 He was so young and so talented.

I’m going to go watch Daria and then going to bed. Hopefully I’ll sleep. This morning the dang people building the bike path were out before 7AM with a bulldozer running up and down the path. Well that was bad enough but you can kind of sleep through a deep rumble and shaking. But this one was messed up and it made this horrible SQUEELING sound. UGH. It’s horrible! My ear felt like there was a hot knife carving its way deeper and deeper inside of it. So today everyone was grumpy because it woke up the kids. 😦 How long did it last? four hours. UGH! I did call and complain. So hopefully it will get fixed.