my dear friend has created a website for her husband who is currently over in Iraq along with her brother and father. They are there with a civilian company doing Moral , Welfare, and Recreation work. There are a lot of civilians working over there and they aren’t getting a lot of recognition. Anyway, she’s started a blog for him and she’s posting pictures. She has two lovely sons who miss their daddy. She has several other personal websites but I can’t remember the urls and apparently have lost my bookmarks. Perhaps she’ll go and link to them on Shawn’s site or post a note so I can ammend this with her urls. 🙂 (I’ll do it Dragyn_Pryncess! I guess I need to update my website as well with your links!)

Anyway, my support goes out to all those who work so hard to help other people anywhere, but especially in a war torn country. Both men and women in and out of the service. It is not an easy life and you deserve our respect and love! But my heart goes out to the families left behind. It is very hard to see your loved one be so far away.