So I’m walking Joram to the bus stop today for school. Well my neighbour tells me he wants to know what Sir Megabyte can do with computers. Start talking to the neighbour and as it turns out he wants to build an UGM. (Ultimate Gaming Machine) So I’m all talking to him about the pros and cons of hyper threading and great graphics cards and the like. I end up going home and printing off a bunch of stuff for him to read. But he doesn’t think he can build it so wants to know if we could help him there. Well I suppose so but I’ll have to check with Sir M. So while researching I find a fairly decent assortment of parts and a rough cost. He’s pretty pleased. Don’t know if it is going anywhere, but best of luck to him whatever he decides.

Well I’m back talking to him and he shows me the basement that he and his wife have spent all summer doing. All I have to say is WOW! It looks super! They are doing a beachy watery type thing. It’s super neat. While there they had a couch delivered. Only problem? The old one they were going to put in the basement won’t fit down the stairs and the mover guys said they just could not do it. But the new sectional which could make it down there just will not match! Bummer.

Well anyway, so then the kids all get home and I’m talking to the neighbours and their daughter is doing homework and is covering that Music Wars thing with the RIAA so she starts asking about it because she is confused. She does not see why they are demanding so much money from people for downloading music. Well technically I can their point but I can see her point. The cds cost too much. And they you pay so much and you end up with one good song! It is bogus! Heck musicians have even said cd’s cost too much! That’s sad! But nope, the RIAA has to be butts. They are suing people they should leave alone like that 12 year old girl who didn’t know it was wrong. She’s 12!!! Geeze! Well the neighbour girl was like “I’m putting in here it is no more wrong to download music than to copy cds!” Hmm… way to answer without answering.. ROFL!

I have curriculum night tonight for first grade. Can’t wait! Should be enlightening!