So grrr…

I’m super busy today and tonight am quadrouple booked and am running around like a chicken with its head cut off. So I get up and get the kids ready and Caramon off to school and make a phone call relating to cub scouts. (I will post about cubs at some point, I promie. I’ve been in denial!) Anyway so then Joram and I head to MOPS and had fun there. Sir Megabyte halfway through calls and says “I’ll be at Limited so would you like to have lunch?” Sure. Well he didn’t call me till just after Joram got on the bus so we went and grabbed food and Sir Megabyte reminded me that I needed to buy Caramon shinguards for soccer. Drat. Grrr. Ugh. Don’t want to go shopping! Want to go home and veg and do nothing! Seriously, I will be running like mad tonight. Well I go and get the shin guards because I’m just a wonderful and loving mommy 😉 and am coming home. Well this guy rams RIGHT up on my rear end. So close that it looked like his windshield wipers were going to disappear. Well forget that. I’m on a back street and there are cars parked along the sides and the like and this guy is going to cause a massive accident. So I slow down so that he will either back off or if he does hit me hopefully I won’t completely die by spinning into oncoming traffic or a parked car. I mean, geeze dude. So I get to the traffic light and the guy is flicking me off. The light is red and I’m going strait. Well no kidding… get what happens next.

So people on this main road that I need to cross to get into my neighbourhood are pulling through. Well I see across and grr… evil tire store has someone in a big truck blocking the entrance into my neighbourhood. Just lovely. Well about that time someone turns right and then someone turns left and so now the cars are backed up due to this truck so that when I try to cross into my neighbourhood I won’t be able to get in. My back end will be jutting out into the street. So I’m like *SIGH* and trying to figure out what I’m going to do when my light turns green. Well what do you know, my light turns green so four guys from the main road turn left meaning I cannot go. I love that. Apparently red here means “four or five people can still go through.” Happens all the time. Well no joke, that guy behind me actually starts beeping his horn at me! Excuse me? I cannot go strait if there are cars still going, even if my light IS green! So this guy pulls around the shoulder on my right and almost hits a road sign as I’m finally able to go and cross the street and then this guy is all like HONK HONK HONK HONK HONK and flicks me off! Well dude, read between the lines… bite me.

Five bucks says he ends up in an accident before his big hot date this afternoon. Seriously… chill out! And pay attention to what is going on in front of you. And by the way when the guy jammed right up onto my rear I was going 45 on a bendy road with a speed limit of 45. He had to have been jamming down at 55 or 60. I really thought he was going to take my back end off before slowing down to 45 like me. But then he just refused to back off. Geeze. Just where on earth do you have to get to at 1:45 in the afternoon that bad?

OK… anyway… today I had MOPS and made some flowered fancy soap. We talked about children development and it was great! Joram learned about Moses and the burning bush. So now he thinks he is cool beans because he learned a new game, Pharaoh Says. Then I went to lunch with hubby and got two sets of shin guards. (One is for Joram who doesn’t need them but we’re going to give them to him for his birthday next week.) Tonight I have to go to AZ with Joram, Soccer with Caramon, my Church woman’s group about food storage, and WeVOTE as well tonight! Whew!