This past week Dino and Stacy from Sunny 95 have been having a marathon to benefit Children’s Hospital. How great! Last year they raised something like 350k This year their goal was 400k.

They spent most of the week at Children’s Hospital itself, but for the final closeout they moved to Easton Towne Center. So we jetted over there. The boys took some dollars out of their piggy banks to give to Dino and Stacy. (I’m gonna just slip that money back in while they are gone this week.) I wrote a check for $26. That’s how many weeks that Caramon’s treatment was. (It really ended up being much more than that but that was because of other problems. But his “plan” was a 26 week plan.)

So anyway, we get there with about 15 minutes to go. The kids walk up to Dino and Stacy to hand them their dollars. Dino and Stacy were all like “Oh thank you! You boys are sweet!” I went to hand them my piddly check and they were all like “Is there something special about the number 26?” So I told them and they actually got on the air to say it! EEEK! Wasn’t expecting that! They garbled Caramon’s name. Ha… everyone does! So then everyone around starts clapping and some people came up to hug me and both the boys and ask how Caramon was doing now.

So then we hung around to see the finale. See how much was earned. When we had pulled up they were still 10k away. Five till they still needed 5k. It was getting close. So we waited… waited… and… 418k! WOOHOO Everyone started cheering and whistling and the like. Dino and Stacy started crying. Stacy said “I’m such a girl!” and Dino said “Apparently I am too.” After they wrapped up the announement and “giving” the money to the Children’s Hospital people and that stuff, Dino runs out and kids rush him and he picks them all up hugging them and exlaiming “Send the kids to me! I love them!”

Thank you Dino and Stacy! Thank you everyone who donated!