I finally got around to uploading pictures from my camera to my computer and from there to my website. Such a slacker!

So I just added pictures from August and September.

Here are just a couple to whet your whistle. For anymore you need to go to The Kingdom of Sir Megabyte Please go, there is something close to 45 or 48 new pictures between the two new albums! 🙂

Here are the boys with their great grandpa Waller. This is my dad’s dad. We took this picture back in the beginning of August when we went to VA for my 10th High School reunion.

And here is our street when it flooded last month. Isn’t that just insane?

Caramon home from Heme/Onc Camp in August down by Children’s Hospital. They had a cowboy theme! He was in the PURPLE group. And of course he is giving Joram a big cowboy hug!

Caramon on the first day of first grade just a couple of weeks ago! He’s so big now!

Joram on the first day of Kindergarten. Geeze.. he’s so big too? How did this happen to me?

Lots more pictures at my site! Go check them out! 🙂 Enjoy!

Also there is a family blog on there… but it is sorely lacking. Never be afraid to say to me here “Hey go make sure this is in your family blog on your website!” Oh yeah… please sign my guestbook! It makes me feel loved! *SNICKER*