Watched Threat Matrix last week. Wowsers. Kicking! If they keep that up it is the next Alias for sure! Too bad it is on Thursday night. It has to fight Friends and Survivor! I think it would be great on Sunday either before or after Alias. I like it when the channels kind of group their shows like that.

Speaking of which I think The Guardian should have been the CBS Tuesday night show moved to Friday. They should have NCIS (I refuse to put the redundant Navy in there) since they investigate crime and the like in the military followed by JAG which is the military legal. Finish it off with Judging Amy which covers a judge, not military but oh well. That would be an excellent pattern. It used to be JAG, Guardian, Judging Amy which was military law, civil law, judge law. So it was like this big legal Tuesday thing. But since they were killing the big lawyery Tuesday thing, might as well keep the two military shows (one of which is a spin off anyway) together!

These shows all premiere this week! YAY!

OK, 7th Heaven. I didn’t get to watch the whole thing yet but I did catch that yes, it is Mary that is pregnant. Lame. So didn’t want it after everyone just started jumping ot unfounded conclusions that she was pregnant. She is hardly on the show and so what’s the point after all THAT hype? Would have been much better to have Sarah or Roxanne. Roxanne would have been a great storyline! Sarah just would have been nice! But Mary? How without point. Blech.

OK… that’s about it. I can’t wait because this week has a LOT of premieres! Next week seems to just about wrap up the premieres. Yay! All summer waiting and we finally get new tv!

Oh I’m loving watching the back episodes of Judging Amy that I never saw. But I’ve noticed I don’t like watching it the same day. I like to have at least three before I start watching them! LOL I get to the end and I’m like “What? No more Judging AmY??? AUGH!!!” That’s such a good show!

Oh… just have to remark on Trading Spaces this weekend. They were from right in my own backyard! In fact that second episode that aired is from about fifteen minutes-ish away from me! WOW! I don’t know that I like that new guy. But I liked the other stuff. Though I think Doug’s prison of love was a little over the top for me. Don’t know that I could deal with that! But it sure looked neat. I don’t know, I might have been able to deal with it. Though the bars would definately be coming off the windows! How on earth would I fit a fan in there when the gas heat got to warm in January for me???? (Hoping our new cieling fan will help that out some!)

Anyway, I totally loved the first episode with them all dressed up like BlueJackets and playing in the Ice Haus! YAY! Rock on! πŸ™‚ And Stinger was on! The kids went wild!! πŸ™‚ We are big Bluejacket fans since we’ve gotten free tickets thru Tyler (the center) with his Hats for Heros program. (He volunteers with the heme/onc children) I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t really do anything cool for the other episode. They were literally minutes from the zoo! That could have been neat! Or they could have done something OSU related, not that I really care myself about OSU but OSU is BIG STUFF here in town. People are a bit fanatical about OSU in fact!