Caramon had to get his immunizations up to date so we had a doctor’s appointment at 9:30. So I kept him home and called the school to let them know he’d be late. He really wanted to pack a lunch so after sleeping in a little bit later (YAY!) we packed him a lunch, got everyone some breakfast and headed over to the doctor’s office. This is just the family doctor and so he had his annual checkup and the like and he got his two shots and he’s now up to date there! YAY! No more nastygrams from the school about Caramon’s shots! Hehehe… Only Joram now. His appointment is next week.

So Caramon was fairly brave. Only screamed a little bit. I tried to keep him calm but he freaked out at the last minute. *SIGH* Silly kid. He’s no stranger to needles, you’d think he’d have been ok! Well anyway so then we drove on over to school and dropped him off. He gave me a hug and skipped to 1st grade to tell his teacher just how mean doctors were giving him shots and to show off his two silver sparkly bandaids.

Joram and I had a few errands to run so we went and did those. Then because I was actually volunteering at the school that afternoon we decided we should just go ahead and have lunch with Caramon as a surprise instead of going home for five seconds to scarf lunch before heading back over to the school. Really, there’d have been no point. So we grabbed some food, went back to school and after signing in, we slipped on over to the caf. Well, boy did Caramon get excited! His two little eyes lit up and he JUMPED out of his seat and came running up to me! “Mama!” So I said “Hey, Joram and I thought we’d have lunch with you!” Caramon said “RealllY?” And he hugged us and took us over to where he was sitting next to some pretty little blonde headed girl. He introduced us to all his friends there but there was no room so we moved up the table a little bit. He introduced me to Mr Paul, the janitor, and to the lunch ladies, and to everyone at his table! “So and so, this is MY mama!” He kept putting his arm around me and leaning his head on me and I think he was maybe just a bit excitd… haha! We had a great lunchtime and he made sure I knew all the lunchtime rules. Like when the lights go out we have to be “Shhhh…. quiet” or we get “line practice”. EEEEK. I tried to be a good mom and obey all the lunch time rules!

After we had a yummy lunch and Caramon told me a thousand times thanks for coming and how great it was to have me there and we shared fries with tons of kids, Caramon left to go to recess and we went to go start our work and wait till Joram could go to class. Which was about two minutes later. So I talked to Mrs K, the kindergarten teacher Joram has, She had told me I could make some copies for her. Holy smokes! I was impressed… she really did get her work prepared for me! She had these cute little booklets. One for each letter of the alphabet! There were three sheets to copy for each book. I needed to make copies to make 23 books for each one! Do the math, that’s almost 1800 copies if there are no mistakes. She also had some copies that she’d already made of other books that needed to be put together. So I’m supposed to copy all the letter books and put as many books together as possible. I got all the b books and all the p books but no more put together but I did get all the copies.

I was on my feet doing this ALL AFTERNOON! Working working working! Hehehe… I was like “Mrs K, you really get your work together when you have parents coming in don’t you?” She laughed. She was very thankful I did it though. I did finally after school hours get the copies made for PTO that I was there originally to copy! HAHA It was so nice though to know that I was helping out the class. Those books are a lot of work but really cute! I’d have probably gotten more done but the dang things didn’t line up well so it was kind of rough getting the things to cut right and not cut off things like bird heads or the words. (I did this several times and had to run about four extra copies of that dang book! Oh it was frustrating. But anyway…

Yesterday was Mrs K’s birthday too so the secretary had a flower delivery and the other Kindy teacher and her went to deliver so I grabbed my camera to take some pictures to give to the teacher! The kids all sang happy birthday and then they gussed her age. The youngest age guessed was 11. The oldest was 90-10. Don’t ask what 90-10 is but we had several kids who did that. ROFL. Five year olds are just so cute!

Oh I did ask Mrs K how Joram was doing. Since he’s still only 4 until Saturday. There’s a lot of flack in Ohio about that. Most people think I should have kept Joram out since he wasn’t five well before school started, but he made the age cutoff and I thought he’d be OK so I sent him. Well Mrs K said that she was a little nervous but Joram is really mature and doing well! Wow! Great! Made me relieved about my decision! You know how it goes… you can really start to doubt yourself and wonder if you think they are OK because they are your child! It isn’t always easy to see shortfalls in your own children. But Joram’s doing great, so it all works out! WOOHOO

Joram was running a fever last night so we didn’t go to soccer. He laid in our bed and watched cartoons all night. Poor kid. I hope he’s better today. It was OK by me, I was exhausted from all that work in the copy room!

Oh the president of my HOA is one of the VP of our PTO. Her name is Amy. She was there and she had a big box of candy bars she was selling as a fund raiser for our neighbourhood. (Trying to raise money for all the many problems in our neighbourhood with the tire store and the bike path and etc.) Well I bought a candy bar off her and it was sitting in the copy room and the principal walked in. (Another Mrs K) She’s all like “Who’s candy bar is that!” I was like “Mine, but you can have it if you want.” She’s like “No that’s OK but where did you get it?” I said “Oh Amy is selling them!” She was like “Amy has candybars” or something so I told her that there was Amy had a whole box. So Mrs K was all about that and decided to go see if she could find Amy. I didn’t really see Amy again after that but if I had I was planning on telling her the principal needed to see her right away! Hehehe… make her think she was in trouble… I’m so bad… hehehe I do hope Mrs K got a candy bar though! 🙂