All right…

Some interesting links…
First off… I found myself a new pair of panties… a vote for Gary Coleman THONG! OK… ew????

And here’s the logo a little bigger just for grins

So I was surfing some more and then look what I found!

It’s a great TShirt – vote Arnie!

Now while I was out searching… ew… I found tons of links to Arnie porn. I might have nightmares now. Ick! Here’s a neat little taco bell thing. Right now in CA if you go and order a taco you are casting your vote in their poll.
Beef Crunchy Taco? That’s for Arnold Schwarzenegger
Chicken Soft Taco? You support Governor Gray Davis
In the mood for a Chalupa? Any variety? You just voted for Cruz Bustamonte.
And any variety of Grilled Stuft Burrito? “We’ll count that as a vote for one of the other 133 candidates”

So where does it stand right now? Looks like we are at 78% for Arnold, 1% for Gov Davis, Nada for Cruz and everyone else has 21%

Apparently Taco Bell will announce their “winner” the day before the election. They say… no kidding “It’s our way of reminding you to vote on Election day. Sure it’s a little different, but so is this election.” OMG… Taco Bell has seriously lost it. Where’s that little doggie when we need him?

Finally, a poll I saw on Just loved the names they gave the candidates if nothing else. But they’ve got Gary Coleman in the lead? EEEK!
The “Terminator” 36% 83892 votes

A “Smut-peddler who cares” 4% 8868 votes

A melon-smashing comedian 2% 3530 votes

A socialite-turned-columnist 2% 5544 votes

A “Diff’rent Strokes” actor 43% 98017 votes

None of the above 13% 30141 votes

All right… I love getting CA TV. I get to watch this stuff on my tv too. Saw my first “Arnold for Gov” commercial last night. Boy was it entertaining! He looked so serious. Heck he looked better than Bob Dole did a few years back! Could we one day have Arnold for President? Something to think about!

Hey I don’t really like the state of Ohio these days. Can we recall Taft? 🙂 Raise our sales tax and then cut funding to the schools. Bastages!