My left eye is closed right now. It is hurting really bad. And it goes down the whole side of my face. Ugh. Even my cheekbone hurts. I hate headaches!

So I’m just like totally killing time trying to hopefully get headache to ease up some…

Catching up on reading my friends LJ over the past day and the like… decided to update my compatibility thing and noticed that my new friend capturedheart and I are 102% compatable. Hmmm… greetings new friend and wow! Glad we’re like so compatable! That’s kind of cool!

Here’s my new stats

capturedheart 102%
amanda_sit 98%
caliban27 98%
_rogueslayer_ 95%
_whistler_ 95%
cole_turner 93%
stressedpiper 87%
xbuffysummersx 87%
_charmed_eyes_ 87%
prue_p3 84%
loadhan 80%
rabbit_phobia 80%
that0therguy 67%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Now if only the headache will go away.

Oh I guess while here I’ll post about scouts. Well it wasn’t near as bad as I thought. 10 year old boys are way less scary and a little more close to being normal than the younger boys. However I did have a hard time keeping the boys on target and stuff. We worked on flag type stuff. But now they’ve almost finished their little citizenship thingy. All they have to do now is a service project and a little presentation. The presentations will be done in two weeks but I am not sure what kind of a service project thingy we can do. *SIGH* Last night we talked about citizenship and leaders and the flag and jazz. I kind of glossed over the national anthem bit of it because well, hello, our anthem is stupid. It is about our flag and not our country. Our national anthem should be America the Beautiful or My Country Tis of Thee. Heck This Land is My Land would be better! I’d even go to changing it Proud to be an American! Oh well. Not my fault some fool decided to make some impossible to sing music match up with a poem that doesn’t really match up and then claim it to be our national anthem.

OK… I’m off to visit the giant bottle of ib and down like a million in hopes of killing this dang headache!

Oh yeah, early release day for the kids… a whole hour early and Sir Megabyte isn’t going to be home till late. Ugh! And we have that Tiger Scout meeting thingy at the school tonight but I still have no clue how on earth we are going to get it work. But Sir Megabyte says since Caramon wants to do it we need to find a way for him to do it. Ugh… wouldn’t have been so hard before the church asked me to do webelos. *SIGH*