This is from the mother of a little boy with the same disease Caramon had. Please remember this family in your prayers. And feel free to comment in my journal any messages you wish to relay to the family. I will send her the link.

I know it has been some time since I have spoken w/ you. I had emailed you a few months back about your sons’ story w/ Wilms. You replied w/ how your son had mets to his lungs and had radiation.
I’m needing to know what meds. (chemo) that Caramon had if not to personal. I’m doing so much research, my head is spinning at the moment.
My son Mason has relapsed for the 3rd time. Another tumor in the same lung, just wks after a clean scan and radiation, but the radiationt they did was pulmonary. This time they have already started him on the ICE protocol, Ifosfomide w/ Mesna 0-4, Carboplatin 0-2, & Etoposide 0-4. He will have 2 cycles of chemo and then will be scanned to see how things look. They have already said he will have radiation to the whole lung..both lungs. Then depending on how the scans look whether they will remove the upper lobe of his right lung. There is also talk of stem cell harvest. Haven’t the slightest about that, but my research continues.
If you dont mind Ozma, if you can just reply w/ a quick refresher of Caramon’s ordeal w/ the chemo and radiation plan they used w/ him I would really be grateful to you.
Sorry to bother you. Hope to hear from you soon.
Christie , mom to Mason 4 dx Wilms recurrence (3rd) and Sonia 8

Christie, I know I’ve already emailed you but just know the hearts and prayers of my family are with you. Please keep us posted with how Mason is doing. And let us know if there is anything we can do!

**BTW I included the email just as she wrote it to me with the exception of changing my name. I double checked to make sure she did not use her last name or give her location for child protection.**